Welcome, all!

Here’s how it all went down: we are three English Philologists and a Graphic Designer in our late twenties, but we also consider ourselves readers, teachers, editors, musicians, translators, songwriters, writers… Our lives have led us to places we never suspected they would. We are all somewhat connected to each other and we all had the feeling a website such as this needed to exist. It was only a feeling, not a fully formed idea, so it took us a little while to realise what our next steps were meant to be. And one day, it all started to move into the right direction.

This is how we envision this project, and what we will be working towards: we hope to provide with a space oriented to women. To discuss culture from a female’s perspective. To question literature, film, pop-culture, music, art. We want to do it with an eye on what matters to us, at the same time that we attempt to figure out the ways in which we can help modify our reality and our society.

We are not entirely sure of how this might work out. We shall attempt to have a pastiche of themes and points of view coming your way regularly. We want guest-writers to join us for an article here, a review there. We want to take you with us to places and opinions, and perhaps we might help you want to stay there.

We are faceless, because our weapons are not our bodies or our faces, but our thoughts: Our weapon is the written word. We are faceless, but not voiceless.


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